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- We use a spray on coating system to give your countertops a beautiful new look. Whether your counter is outdated, damage, or you simply just want a change, we can help! The main product we use gives your countertop a “stone-fleck” designer look. Before we spray your color of choice, we repair any existing damages if necessary. This includes chips, burns, lifting edges, and even swelling corner seams! We have over 20 stone-fleck colors available, and are also able to solid colors. The finished product will look great, and also be extremely durable.

Tile Surfaces
-We can use the same product that we use for countertops on any tile surface other than floors. Backsplash’s , tub surrounds, walk in showers…we can do it all! Replacing tiles is one of the messiest, most time consuming renovations there is. Let us refinish them for you instead! All colors can be used on tile.

Bath Tubs.
-Often to replace a bathtub, you will have to demolish majority of your bathroom…sometimes even walls and doorframes! We are able to reglaze both fiberglass and metal bathtubs. We can also repair damaged tubs. Have that new tub look in a matter of hours, and use it the next day, without having to deal with a demolished bathroom.

We have endless possibilities to what can be refinished. If you have a surface you might want refinished, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will let you know if we are able to help you out. Also don’t forget about your RV’s!!! As soon as it is warm enough, we will be offering our tub and countertop services in RV’s!